A new dimension of the natural diet supplements

Nutrivi Logo

Nutrivi is a series of high quality food supplements, which creation was based on the idea of specialist and holistic health support.

Nutrivi is an effective way to restore the body’s state of equilibrium.

Diet supplements were composed to support the functioning of the entire body, especially the systems that are nowadays most prone to disharmony: immune system, skeleton, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and metabolism.

Health a challenge of our times

Replenishing the „molecules of life”, bringing the organism to the state of a molecular balance thanks to the daily diet supplementation are the fundaments of a groundbreaking program developed by WellU.

Tools to implement it are nutraceuticals obtained from natural plant and animal extracts, since thousands of years known to the humanity as healthy and essential components of a daily diet. Their unique properties offer health and therapeutic benefits due to their holistic, comprehensive influence on a human organism, the functions of which are nowadays being disrupted.

The essence of our actions is drawing from the achievements of the latest scientific knowledge and benefiting from the wisdom of our ancestors.

The synergy and holistics

Our supplements are unique not only because of the natural origin of their ingredients but also extremely well thought-through, precise composition. It’s a highly significant aspect as it enables synergy – a very valuable process of interaction that enhances the efficiency of each component.

A holistic, comprehensive effect on the organism is yet another advantage that nutrivi nutraceuticals hold over selectively acting farmaceuticals.

Supplementing proper natural ingredients in a diet may contribute to improving the general condition of an organism, reducing the harmful influence of poisoned, impoverished environment, and excessive stress. It’s a chance to regain a possibility to enjoy a healthy life, improving its daily comfort and quality.

Achievements of science and wisdom of nature

The foundation of many of our supplements is Biopeptide Complex – a formula of natural, bioactive peptides and amino acids of fish collagen with a beneficial effect on the condition of bones, joints, tendons, skin and all organs that builds collagen protein.

The new generation of LipoVitum supplements uses liposomal technology – liposomes are brilliant carriers for active substances. They not only perfectly transport vitamins into the target activity spot, but they also provide their durability, efficacy, and absorption effectiveness, while also extending their presence in the organism.

Physio Sport Peptide Complex was awarded the gold emblem of Quality International 2022!

The jury of the Najwyższa Jakość Quality International 2022 Programme awarded the WellU Sp. z o.o. company the title of the winner and the Gold Emblem (Złote Godło) QI 2022 in the category “Quality International 2022. Product of the top quality”. The highest distinction in the competition was awarded to Physio Sport Peptide Complex dietary supplement.

The Najwyższa Jakość Quality International emblem confirms that the Winners of the competition apply to the highest management standards and constitute an element of building their competitive advantage. Winning the Certificate and the prestigious Emblem QI – a recognizable mark of international importance, directing a clear message to customers and contractors, is the confirmation of a clear quality policy and support for the construction of a positive image. The Winners, as members of the elite Quality Leaders Club (companies, institutions and local governments focused on the idea of quality management), also have the opportunity to improve their own quality procedures and exchange of experiences at organised meetings and conferences.