LARENS Professional Line



Rich Cream Hands & Feet PRO formula is rich in selected active components regenerates and gives immediate relief for even very dry, rough and chapped skin. Its 10% concentration urea perfectly moisturizes and softens, however it does not excessively peel the skin. Rich Cream regular use ensures the effect of soft, smooth and well cared for hands and feet skin. This cosmetic for special needs will make you forget about rough skin and irritation caused by frequent use of detergents. Use the Rich Cream as often as you need it. The preparation is immediately absorbed, thanks to which immediately after its application, you can get back to your activities.

Capacity / Regular price: 400 ml / 56,10 GBP


LipoColl Serum PRO – concentrated skin care serum with an unbeatable 50% Liposomal Collagen Complex content. An innovative combination of the natural fish collagen peptides and amino acids contained in a liposomal career that transports them into the deep layers of the skin, intensifying and prolonging their effects. It immediately shallows the wrinkles, noticeably increases skin density and initiates long-term repair processes. 
100% of natural ingredients.
What’s important is that for the creation of the Liposomal Collagen Complex no irritating or toxic solvents, emulsifiers, conditioners, preservatives were used. Therefore the product is safe for allergic and sensitive skin demanding special treatment.

Capacity / Regular price: 15 ml / 47,25 GBP


Vials created for providing care to mature skin in need of regeneration and support. 

They contain a cocktail of concentrated ingredients that act in multiple directions to achieve deeply moisturized, firmed, strong skin with stimulated regenerative processes. After treatment with the use of the Anti Aging Vials, the skin is smoothened, relaxed, wrinkles are visibly shallowed, the face contour lifted. What’s important is that the properties of the product significantly strengthen the skin, its lipid barrier, reducing its sensitiveness to external factors, e.g. cold.

The essential formula contains ingredients that start their effects in the salon and continue them, “collaborating with the skin” for long after the treatment has been finished. It means that the results appear immediately and throughout the following days become even stronger.

Capacity / Regular price: 16 pieces / 29,20 GBP


Vials dedicated to problematic skin care: skin with acne, prone to irritations, strongly reactive, demanding special care. 

Created to provide accurate, multidirectional care that involves a spectre of challenges that predominantly sensitive acne skin poses to cosmetologists. We know that focusing on cleaning, or drying it is not enough and can even be harmful to its condition. Just as important, as fighting pimples and controlling the excessive sebum secretion is to provide optimum moisturization and soothing the irritations. With that in mind, we have composed Anti Acne Vials Larens Professional. The essential formula contains ingredients that:

  • exhibit seboregulatory properties and prevent the formation of pimples
  • moisturize this kind of skin in the most optimum way
  • soothe irritations
  • have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, neutralize redness that is caused by inflammations
  • strengthen and improve skin condition

provide the skin with the optimum PH that conditions its healthy looks and immunity.

Capacity / Regular price: 10 pieces / 29,20 GBP


A revolutionary gel compress-mask for a face. Contains highly concentrated active ingredients: complex of the bioactive growth factors from a plant BIO-Placenta, regenerative fish collagen peptides contained in the Biopeptide Complex and lifting oligosaccharides in the form of a Phytodermina Lifting. 

Product awarded with “Innovation LNE” of 39th LNE Congress and Fair – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques.

Capacity / Regular price: 5 pieces / 74,00 GBP


Complex of substances based on alginic acids obtained from kelp, which has antioxidant, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Contains aloe vera, supporting cells regeneration by providing extremely important substances for skin, such as amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins (A, E and B) as well as complex sugars. The mask perfectly nourishes skin, maintains optimum level of moisture. Skin quickly regains balance, becomes elastic, smooth and radiant. Directions for use: apply to face: mix 30 g of the powder  and 90 g of water at room temperature (20 to 25°C), stir vigorously (by +/- 1 minute) to make a smooth, homogeneous consistency. Apply a layer of the mask on face (on cleaned skin). The mask dries within 5 minutes. After a period of at least 10 minutes it can be easily removed. The product does not leave any traces.

Capacity / Regular price: 150 g / 30,20 GBP


Gentle milk for removing make-up and face care with a complex of natural fish collagen peptides in liposomes. Perfectly removes make-up and impurities. Protecting the skin from moisture loss. Soothes irritation, slows down the ageing process and facilitates the ability of the cells to regenerate. Best to use before: date and batch number on the bottom of the packaging.

Capacity / Regular price: 400 ml / 16,50 GBP


Moisturizing face toner with natural peptides and collagen. Perfectly cleanses and refreshes the skin, giving it radiance. Restores normal skin pH. Recommended for all skin types, even sensitive and prone to irritation.

Capacity / Regular price: 400 ml / 10,50 GBP


Peeling with a complex of natural fish collagen peptides in liposomes. Facilitates the penetration of active ingredients into the skin, also perfectly moisturizes and regenerates. It works great in caring for discloured skin, after long periods of sunbathing. Recommended for dry skin and prone to keratosis. Gives skin a healthy colour, brightens and smooths it. The skin flaking process is normalized and wrinkles become more shallow. The peeling contains a mixture of alpha and beta hydroxy acids: milk acid-  2%, glycolic acid- 2%, salicylid acid- 2%, malic acid- 1%.

Capacity / Regular price: 100 ml / 20,20 GBP


Revolutionary biopeptide spray containing Biopeptide Complex – the world’s only complex of bioactive fish collagen oligo- and polypeptides. It brings spectacular anti-aging effects, has a strong moisturizing, rebuilding and protective effect against external factors. It soothes irritations, tones the skin, eliminates feelings of tension and prevents water loss. After applying Biopeptide Spray, the skin immediately regains its balance and optimum moisture level, becomes elastic, smooth and soft to the touch, looks fresh, young and radiant.

Capacity / Regular price: 250 ml / 34,80 GBP


A gel mask with a complex of natural fish peptides and collagen creating a protein net on the skin, which prevents loss of moisture and also stimulates the natural biological regeneration processes of the skin.

The beneficial effect of lactic acid reduces fissures and wrinkles as well as slows down the development of new ones. The product makes your skin soft and smooth, with a uniform structure.

Perfectly moisturizes and cares for. Product recommended both for young and mature skin, which restores the effect of mechanical tension.

Capacity / Regular price: 200 ml / 81,80 GBP


Moisturizing and smoothing day cream with a complex of natural fish collagen peptides in liposomes. Designed for face and neckline care. Ideal for skin that needs long-lasting feeling of comfort and softness every day. The cream, thanks to its very light texture perfectly absorbs, strengthens the skin’s lipid layer against water loss, protects the skin from the adverse effects of external factors. Eliminates the effects of stress and fatigue. Skin retains an optimal level od moisture throughout the day, rapidly regains balance, becomes flexible, smooth and soft to the touch. Skin looks fresh, young and radiant.

Capacity / Regular price: 100 ml / 34,80 GBP


Highly concentrated serum peptide intended for specialised treatments using a medical apparatus (microneedle mesotherapy) as well as manual application after intensive treatment. It contains a valuable combination of oligopeptides and polypeptides, fish collagen and Nutrivi water, ensuring immediate and long-lasting moisturization in all the layers of the skin.

The lactic acid restores even skin tone and uniform skin structure free from wrinkles and conspicuous pores.

In addition, the product stimulates the skin to produce its own natural collagen.

Capacity / Regular price: 30 ml / 34,80 GBP


Lifting cream mask with a complex of natural fish collagen peptides in liposomes. For your face, neck and cleavage. The product is rich in lifting ingredients, tightens and nourishes the skin for a long time, intensively moisturizes it and reduces wrinkles, both surface and deep. It improves and evens out skin tone: prevents redness, brightens discoloration. The product is recommended for all skin types, especially mature, tired, dry, deprived of firmness, with deep wrinkles and discoloration. Immediately after applying the Lifting Cream Mask, skin regains its elasticity, firmness and healthy colour, while wrinkles and discoloration become less visible.

Capacity / Regular price: 100 ml / 47,10 GBP


Cream with a complex of natural fish collagen peptides in liposomes. Improves blood flow and skin tone. Moisturizes and refreshes the skin’s overall appearance. It is recommended for all skin types, especially for mature, tired and dry skin. Due to the dense, rich texture it is ideal for massage. It intensively nourishes, regenerates and restores skin firmness. Its regular use stimulates the basal cell layer for systematic renewal. Perfectly nourishes every type of skin. Restoring its firness, elasticity and vitality. Thanks to Massage Face Cream Pro skin becomes relaxed and soft to the touch.

Capacity / Regular price: 100 ml / 34,80 GBP


Syn Ake Eye & More PRO – incredibly intensive point serum dedicated to the eyes area treatment and mime wrinkles. Contains a complex of bioactive fish collagen peptides and SYN®-AKE – a neuropeptide that mimics the properties of the viper’s (Temple Viper) venom, relaxing and inhibiting muscle contractions and combating mime wrinkles. The rich composition and a high concentration of the product rejuvenates and nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes, ensures high moisture level and, thanks to the ingredients stimulating the microcirculation, it visibly lightens up the shades and reduces edema.

Capacity / Regular price: 15 ml / 34,90 GBP


Chemical exfoliation surface with a complex of natural fish collagen peptides in liposomes, it is ideal for boosting health and eliminating skin imperfections. It contains a combination of two acid types: 5% mandelic acid and 5% pyruvic acid (pH1.1). The result is the levelling of skin colour, reduction of fine lines, acne reduction, seborrhea reduction, narrowing of conspicuous pores and overall improvement in the skin’s condition.

Capacity / Regular price: 200 ml / 34,80 GBP


A preparation which neutralizes acids contained in DEEP FACE PEELING (it should be its supplement). The alkaline preparation (pH- 8.0) neutralises and interrupts acids immediately and effectively. Enables safe and controlled exfoliation. Soothes burning sensations and skin irritation. Neutralizer contains: Calmosensine™, Centella asiatica, Pantenol, Allantoin.

Capacity / Regular price: 400 ml / 34,80 GBP


Product designed for face and body massage, combining nutrition with a moment of selfish relaxation. The mixture of wholesome olive oil, high-quality argan oil and beneficial properties of vitamin E provides intensive nutrition and immediate regeneration to meet the needs of dry and especially demanding skin. The product is ideal to spread and very efficient in use. Does not clog pores, perfectly harmonizes with the skin and the masseur.

Capacity / Regular price: 400 ml/ 34,80 GBP