A new dimension of the natural diet supplements

Nutrivi is a series of high-quality dietary supplements, whose creation was guided by the idea of specialized and holistic health support by supplementing the normal diet.

It is a way of taking care of our body and keeping it in balance by supplementing our daily diet with vitamins and minerals.

The dietary supplements were composed to support the functioning of the entire body, especially due to carefully selected ingredients such as vitamin C, which helps in the proper functioning of the immune system and nervous system, vitamin K, which helps in the maintenance of healthy bones, and biotin, which contributes to the maintenance of normal energy metabolism.

Health a challenge of our times

Supplementing the normal diet with vitamins and substances that exhibit a nutritional effect, and maintaining the body’s state of equilibrium through supplementation of the daily diet – these are the foundations of the program, developed by WellU.

The tool in the way of its implementation are ingredients extracted from natural plant extracts and substances of animal origin, known to humans for thousands of years as healthy and important components of the daily diet.

Their properties bring health benefits as a result of holistic support for the human body, whose performance in today’s world is subject to many challenges. The essence of our activities is to draw on achievements from the latest scientific knowledge and to benefit from the wisdom of our ancestors

The synergy and holistics

Our dietary supplements are distinguished not only by the natural origin of the ingredients, but also by their careful, appropriate selection. This is an important issue, as it allows for the phenomenon of synergy, that is, the extremely valuable interaction of individual components.

Providing the right ingredients of natural origin in the diet can help maintain the overall health of the body. This is a chance to enjoy life to the fullest, maintaining its daily comfort and quality.

Achievements of science and wisdom of nature

The foundation of our dietary supplements are carefully selected natural plant extracts, standardized for specific values of active substances.

A unique ingredient in many supplements, most notably Nutrivi’s flagship peptide drinks, is a complex of bioactive peptides and amino acids of fish collagen in freeze-dried form. The combination of their potency with other active ingredients brings the much desired synergistic effect, i.e. beneficial interaction for holistic support of the entire body.

A new generation of products like LipoVitum C uses liposome technology – carriers for the active ingredient, in this case vitamin C.

Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute (replacement) for a varied diet. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are recommended. Do not exceed the recommended daily serving. Dietary supplements should be kept out of the reach of small children.

Physio Sport Peptide Complex awarded the gold emblem of Quality International 2022!

The Chapter of the Highest Quality International 2022 Program awarded WellU Sp. z o.o. the title of Laureate and the QI 2022 Gold Emblem in the category “Quality International 2022. A top quality product.” The Physio Sport Peptide Complex dietary supplement received the highest honor in the competition.

The Highest Quality International emblem confirms that the winners of the competition apply the highest standards of management, and is also part of building their competitive advantage. Winning the Certificate and the prestigious QI Emblem – a recognizable mark of international importance, directing a clear message to customers and clients – is a certification of a clear quality policy and support for building a positive image. Laureates, as members of the elite Quality Leaders Club (companies, institutions and local governments focused on the idea of quality management), are also given the opportunity to improve their own quality procedures and exchange experiences at organized meetings and conferences.