Should it happen that a product purchased by you turns out to be faulty, you can file a complaint.

To file a complaint you will need a proof of the transaction (e.g. a receipt, bank account statement, online payment confirmation). Keep in mind that if the product appears to be damaged already at the delivery, you should write a report in the presence of the delivery person and send the defective product back via the delivery company to the Company’s address, or refuse to accept the visibly damaged delivery.

We always take great care to investigate problems reported by Clients. Every complaint is analyzed in detail and we do our best to respond to it as soon as possible. Should the complaint require longer investigation, we reply within 14 days from receiving the complaint. 

You can file a complaint:


by sending an email to attaching a complaint file – sample available here

By mail

sending a form available here.
Company’s address: WellU Sp. z o.o., ul. Wielkopolska 280, 81-531 Gdynia

Should your complaint require additional details, our Customer Service representative will contact you asking to complete missing information and/or sending us the faulty product back.

It may happen that processing your complaint within the time indicated in the Terms of Service will prove to be impossible. In such case we will inform you immediately, stating the reason for the delay, as well as the predicted response time. 

Details of the complaint procedure are described in detail in the shopping Terms of Service.

Measures of resolving disputes outside of courts

We are prepared to engage in constructive discussions and amicable settlement of problems that may arise within the shopping process. We would like to remind you that our email address for correspondence with clients is

To settle a dispute you can also seek for assistance from Permanent Consumer Courts of Arbitration functioning by Provincial Inspectorates of Trade Inspection. Rules for using those courts can be found i.a. on this website.

And here you can find an online platform for resolving disputes between consumers and entrepreneurs (ODR platform). 

The ODR platform is a website with service for consumers and entrepreneurs seeking to resolve disputes regarding commitments resulting from an online agreement for a purchase or providing service without the juridical engagement.