A new WellU StartBox - compose it yourself and take off THE WAY YOU WANT TO!

A new start! From now on, when starting your adventure with WellU, you can decide HOW you want to take off! Compose your own WellU StartBox and gain unique discounts and benefits, prepared exclusively for debuting Businesspartners.

StartBox is a set of welcome products – a one time set at a special price for every new WellU Businesspartner. In other words, it’s your first WellU order.

We leave it up to you to decide on the content of your StarBox – the number and kind of products, and in result, the benefits that you are going to obtain. Because you know best, what are your needs and capacities, and how you want to start your collaboration with WellU.

How does a personalized StartBox with unique benefits work like?

  • Choose any products – (above 50 P)
  • Get a discount of 23 to 26% (depending on the number of points).
  • Claim products for 0,01 GB (one or two products for 0,01 GB, depending on a number of points)
  • Get instant up to 30% discount (from your next order).

WellU StartBox offers the best discount and extra products “for pennies” when ordering for the first time

  • Order worth 50 P – 23% discount.
  • Order worth 100 P – 23% discount + product for 1 PLN
  • Order worth 150 P – 23% discount + product with higher value for 1 PLN
  • Order worth 300 P – 26% discount + more products with higher value for 1 PLN + entry to the level of 30% discount (from the next order).

Please note that the Start Box promotion is   NOT combined with other promotions!

Prices for products that are currently on sale are not further reduced by the Start Box promotion.

So? Are you ready to take off?