Slim Food

SLIM FOOD is a product in the form of bars designed for people looking for a simple,easily available and well-balanced diet.

Slim Food provides the necessary microelements and nutrients which are difficult to find in highly processed, modified food.

It may be used by healthy people (wishing to lose weight), as a comprehensive diet (because it meets the daily energy requirement) or as its supplement (as a healthy snack between meals or a substitute for a given meal). It is a proposal of healthy, handy and convenient snacks for the whole family.

What is important, the base for baking is einkorn, an ancient, unmodified wheat, which does not cause the effects of gluten intolerance. By eliminating components from mass production and unverified sources the risks of GMOs are avoided.

Fresh, because it’s prepared continuously during a unique, several-stage production process, for maximum protection of active ingredients and nutritional value.

The product is free from preservatives, dyes, refined sugar, diuretics and substances accelerating the metabolism.