Helena Hošková

International President WellU

WellU - a company with a heart. When someone asks me why I work with WellU, I have a simple answer: because it's a very "human company". At WellU, I found everything I consider important, that is, the people who create this company put their heart into it. We work with world-class products that help keep your body in perfect condition from the inside out. Co-workers and colleagues with whom we have very friendly relations. Finally, a great atmosphere of cooperation. I can share all this with people. I think only few people can say that they have such great working conditions as we do at WellU. Together, we can create a team that works in different parts of the world, thanks to technology we can communicate, share experiences and support. This activity is amazing and I am thankful to people who put their emotions into it, based on relationships that do not exist in standard activities. With WellU I met exceptional people who climb the career ladder and I can support them. I believe that in the coming years WellU will become a very well-known and inspiring company in the world.

Mana Manowska

President WellU

Looking at the history of my collaboration with WellU from the 10 years perspective, I can see that what attracted me to the Company in the first place was not the possibility to earn money, but rather the vision of the founder, Flaviusz Tomczak and the perspective of building something great from the beginning. The project kept on evolving, the ideas and even the name of the company have changed. Does anyone even still remember that we used to be called E-nnova?... Nevertheless, the foundations of the company always included the creation of well being, making life better. Hence the name - WellU with such an emphasis on “well”. It might be the only name in the world that ends with a capital letter. Why? Because everything that the company does is assure that you are the one receiving all the goodness. To show respect to the people we write “U” (You) with a capital letter. Because even though everything starts with products, uncomparable in their efficiency, the greatest value of WellU is always the people.

Starting with our Scientific Council, who are responsible to create products that often don’t even have their equivalents in the market. Through the products that constantly prove how effective they are, winning prestigious awards, they are our best business tool. Then come the Owners, among whom I would like to particularly extend my thanks to Rafał Pudyszak, the author of the best Career Path in the MLM business, the most reliable person that I have ever met. Finally, the group of people, without whom none of this would have been possible, the WellU Businesspartners, who form the community of people full of passion. I would like to thank my entire amazing group, as well as the “competition” for the fact that we practice ethical business based on trust and collaboration.

On a final note I would just like to add that if anyone is skeptical as to whether one can truly build the mythical “passive income” in MLM, together with the group of the WellU Directors, Vice-, and Presidents we are a living proof that yes, it is possible. In WellU we benefit from the best Autoprogramme (we are switching from charming Mini Coopers into luxurious BMWs), we are going for amazing vacations, we receive gold bars in the Golden Autumn programme and at some point, we start working just for pleasure, because our business is generating a passive income even if for whatever reason we would have to or wanted to stop working. The stability of the WellU business can even be proven with the world’s pandemics, the time in which I am writing those words – it hasn’t threatened the safety of our income in any way.

If you are looking to add something good to your life, perhaps more positive emotions, fascinating travels, a hint of luxury, the feeling of safety – I encourage you to take advantage of the WELLU CHANCE. If you are not convinced, whether you will manage, remember, that over here you are never alone and that the person, who has invited you is directly interested (also for financial reasons) in helping you achieve success. Together we can do it, together we are capable of more!

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Hana Balcárková

President WellU

I keep on walking through my life with WellU by my side. Together we are on a path that helped me regain my health. I am truly grateful that life has given me this opportunity. There are no coincidences in life. In my opinion beauty and health are very underappreciated and this company inspires me with its philosophy - to help people achieve health, give them a chance to change their lives for better. When a person wants to fulfill their dreams, they can do it with WellU. Safety, reliability, tolerance, journeys, financial opportunity, great friends, the future of scientific research. With each product that you introduce to any business, you win a delighted customer. Following the career path, I got to become a WellU President, which makes me proud. I had been working for an international multilevel marketing company, I have gained a lot of positive experience, but it is the path that I follow with WellU that truly concludes my work.

Elżbieta Obczasiak

President WellU

My cooperation with WellU has been lasting for over 16 years now. Even though I was not looking for a job, in the meantime for WellU I have changed my profession and completed 5-year long cosmetology studies. Throughout those years I have witnessed all of the Larens products’ metamorphosis, they were always exceptional both in terms of quality and effects, presently they are nothing short of perfect. Larens is not just the anti-ageing effects, but also, what is greatly appreciated and awarded in prestigious cosmetology circles, it’s regeneration for the problematic skin. Working with this brand is a pleasure.

But why WellU?

– my systematic work has resulted in quick promotions

– it’s pair commission paid always on time

– it’ annual “Dream Holiday” with attractions that one wouldn’t even dream of

– it’s a high-class company car: previously Mercedes GLC, currently BMW X6

– it’s professional training and great fun

– it’s self-development and self-realization

– it’s special relations with people whom I wouldn’t even have met if it wasn’t for WellU

I recommend WellU with all my heart – you won’t lose a thing and you can gain so much!

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Lenka Fejfarová Kellnerová

Vice President WellU

My name is Lenka, I am from North Moravia and I live in the Giant Mountains. Before I have joined WellU I had been working for 5 years in another cosmetic company. I believe that my meeting with WellU was not a coincidence, because both the company and the people who create it, quite literally changed my life. Actually not just mine, but also that of my entire family. I think that WellU provides everything that one could wish for in business: freedom, independence, company trust, luxurious products. And a philosophy that is close to my heart and based on an incredibly humane approach, that many companies are lacking these days. I am grateful to be a part of this community.

Irena Železná

Vice President WellU

My name is Irena Železná and my life motto is “Work in a way that allows you to create value and bring benefits to others”. In 2015 this maxim made me commence my collaboration with WellU. I had two months before going into labour and a huge challenge to face ahead: complete as much work as possible, before the child is born. The first two years were far from easy, but I believe that if a person has a clearly established goal, nothing can stop them. And so, in those difficult conditions, but highly motivated, within the next two years I have become a WellU Vice President. I also have my colleagues to thank for that - they are very capable, were helping me in representing the company, and are amazing leaders. Working with competent people is the biggest reward, but also a significant obligation. The WellU offer is wide. Some are interested in commissions, company cars, and holidays. The biggest group is the Businesspartners who value the personal input into a company that offers products, the efficiency of which has been proven by scientific research.

Mirosława Kubasiewicz Antonów

Vice President WellU

Health has always been extremely important in my life. . I was prophylactically taking natural supplements and good quality products have been my method for a life full of health and energy to work. When Mana Manowska offered me Nutrivi and Larens products, I saw how great they were in action. I have also learnt about ethics and values shared by the WellU owners and I felt that this is a company that I want to join, not just as a client. I have considered its marketing plan really good and up till today, I am taking advantage of the possibilities that it grants.

This decision has proven to be a complete metamorphosis of my career. I have quitted my job as a financial director and lecturer, I obtained the qualifications of a naturopathic practitioner, masters in Nonlinear Bioresonance, and qualifications of a beautician. Together with my son Sebastian, we manage two beauty salons in Szczecin and Warsaw. My biggest pleasure is managing my group of WellU Businesspartners and relations with my partners. Helping others is a big source of joy.
I grow together with WellU, so introducing unique professional cosmetics has also pointed my interest towards cosmetology. I have combined the beauty that can be obtained by taking care of health with the results of cosmetic treatments. It brings the result of holistic care about my salons’ clients and the effective forming of the WellU group.

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Lucie Peterková

Vice President WellU

I discovered MLM in 2010 and I really liked that system. For me, it was something new, attractive, and most of all carefully thought-through, which I considered to be of great value in my work. I also gained interest in self-development, everything came together pretty well. The beginnings were difficult, but along the hard work, came effects. Three years later I started noticing how the market and customers’ needs were changing. Everything began to move in a different direction, while I started not only experiencing this change, but also a feeling of myself burning out. I felt that my clients needed something more that I had to offer them. I felt that I had to change the company into one that would offer to satisfy the needs of myself and my clients. I started intense, six-month market research, but none of the companies fulfilled my expectations. I was specific - I wanted what was best. My criteria were clear: it has to be a company that is yet unknown but offers high-quality products that will provide visible effects and can be used by the entire family. The company has to ensure an amazing financial remuneration and additional benefits, such as holidays or a car. And all of that well-balanced for me and my clients.

I learned about WellU in June 2014. I could not believe that this company fulfills everything that I had been wishing for. My delight was so big that within just 3 months I became a TOP leader, which I have my clients and my entire wonderful team to thank for.
I have visited a big share of the world with WellU – Andalusia, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bali, Kenya, Dubai, Mexico and I am truly grateful for that. I had enjoyed driving a luxurious Mercedes and presently I gladly switched to BMW.
I enjoy financial and time independence. I live my life fulfilling my dreams and enjoying life as much as possible.
If you dream of something, chase it because nothing is impossible and your thoughts will become reality.
I wish you many successes and fulfilling all of your secret dreams.

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Lucia Frtúsová

Vice President WellU

My name is Lucia Frtusova, I come from Slovakia – from Bratislava. Before I started working with WellU, I worked for 7 years as a representative of a foreign company in Slovakia. WellU learned from my mom, who has been working with WellU since the very beginning of the company's existence. For me, the most important thing is FREEDOM, the ability to choose and decide for myself – it is really priceless. I know nothing else that reflects the meaning of freedom more than WellU.

Katarzyna Soroczyńska

Director WellU

Being a working mom of a grown-up boy, I knew that the “kiddo” would soon follow his own life path. And I, even though I like procrastinating, didn’t want to become a couch potato with a remote stuck to my hand, with my only mission in life to make sure that the apartment is shiny and clean. And as they say: “Your words hold the power”. I have met Elżbieta Obczasiak. During our first, short coffee meeting, Elżbieta had told me about home skincare, about cosmeceuticals for face and allergic, problematic skin. The company’s slogan “Revolution without a scalpel” was echoing in my head all the time until the next meeting, that I simply couldn’t wait for. I am not a speaker kind, but doesn’t strength come from a group? Together with my friends, we were organizing “Larens nights”. Our cosmetologist was talking about supplements, cosmetics, products that promote slimming, and we were sharing the unbelievable results that we have experienced first-handed.

And the ladies testing the cosmetics, delighted with the results, are our clients up till today, enjoying a big discount 😉
till today, enjoying a big discount 😉 I am proud to be a part of the community formed by strong and unique women. I also appreciate the men, who not only assure great company during our trips and parties but are also invaluable support in business and private matters.
And so WellU has become my passion and a great idea for my own self.

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Marcela Kuchyňková

Director WellU

For a few years, I had been working with a cosmetic company as a makeup artist and in 2015 I heard of WellU for the first time. I liked the fact that it was something more than natural cosmetics, containing many active ingredients. Their quality and effects experienced on my skin and that too, in such a short time, have completely taken me by surprise. I also got interested in the fact that the company offered more collaboration options and that everyone could choose their path. That’s why for me it was obvious that I will recommend not only the products but also the collaboration with WellU. I have linked my hobby with business and I am very happy when my clients and Businesspartners with satisfaction observe the effects of the cosmeceuticals on their skin and nutraceuticals in their bodies. The undeniable trump of the company is a kind company board that is eager to listen - it is fairly uncommon! I love the products, my team and I thank for this opportunity and for the fact that I have been driving already a second WellU car, a lovely MINI Cooper 🙂

Marianna Domańska

Director WellU

I have joined WellU for good in 2013. . Mirka Kubasiewicz-Antonów was trying to interest me in products. I have to admit that she didn’t have it easy with me, as back then I was using different products that I was happy with. However, half a year later, Mirka has invited to Szczecin Mana Manowska, I have joined the meeting and I have also invited a few people myself. The way in which she was presenting the Company and the products, was trustworthy and we were all astonished by their effectiveness as well as the fact that it was a Polish Company. I have made up my mind about collaboration once I have seen and first-hand experienced the effectiveness of the Biopeptide Serum Spray and Repair Gel. And so it has begun. I thought that since the WellU products helped me and my husband, I would be happy to recommend them to others. It’s given that I adore open-minded and young people, their company makes me feel young myself, and thanks to WellU that’s the kind of people who appeared in my life.

I remember the first Business Weekend in Bełchatów. My promotion to Leader rank. We’ve been together with already a quite large crowd of Businesspartners from Szczecin. I was delighted with the atmosphere. The WellU board – young, energetic Gentlemen. They have conducted the meeting with tact and grace, they were presenting promising future plans. Cordial with every person. That’s what has charmed me.

I was interested in a marketing plan and a chance to make my own choices.

. From earning for my own products to financial independence. Once again I have experienced the brilliant effects of the products. The WellU Autoprogramme that I am the beneficiary of is a true cherry on a cake.

And so I have decided that I will promote the products and the WellU Company, for the good of my closer and other friends, who care for their health, beauty, and finances.

Janusz, my husband supports my actions and it is our shared success. I think that we are a good duo – me quick and spontaneous, Janusz toned, there is a balance.

Documents show 70+, but we definitely feel much younger than the majority of people our age. WellU products, Biopeptide Complex have rejuvenated us both physically and mentally. We are happy, joyful, glad to be in such a wonderful company of the WellU community.

Now that 7 years have gone by, I know that I have made the right choice. I like helping people and my younger Businesspartners provide me with so-called “four-wheel” drive.

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Ivana Chudobová

Director WellU

I had always wanted to be able to come to my work in good spirits and do, what I am really interested in. During one of the business meetings, I met a cosmetic consultant of an international brand. Thanks to that, I was given an opportunity to look under the cover of the cosmetic and beauty market. I was yearning for new friendships with women that had interests similar to mine. I was 26 years old and was happy about everything that awaited me. I was learning how to identify the skin type, how to understand the business, the art of visage, how to work with people, how to motivate and how to finalize the projects - until you reach the assigned goal. “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” After 10 years I have chosen to work with WellU, a company that specializes not only in beauty and cosmetics but also in health. I was amazed by the world-unique products. Thanks to the natural peptides obtained with “cold method”, the company’s cosmetics are particularly effective. I experienced their effects first hand - that’s why I fell in love with them, and after ten years decided to switch to WellU.

“Think of yourself as a human magnet, constantly attracting what you speak, think and feel.”
I have chosen WellU also because of its philosophy – noticing the uniqueness and individuality of every person and improving the quality of life with the products. For me, the individual approach to each customer/consultant is absolutely crucial.
“Every success story starts with a dream.” 🙂

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Anna Pyzik

Director WellU

Why WellU? How can you put a price on joy and gratitude for honours? I’ve studied to become M.Sc. Eng. in Agronomy. Since 2005 I had been working in the field of agriculture, as an agricultural advisor, maintaining business relations mainly with farmers. It’s a cool job, however, it’s a men’s world and with time I started missing meetings in female circles. In 2012 Kasia Soroczyńska has invited me for the so-called “collagen night” organized by Elżbieta Obczasiak. There weren’t too many products back then, but their quality was astonishing. Then there was the first meeting in Bełchatów. I’ve met some amazing people, who were already achieving success. I saw that one can have a different life. That in business there is no such thing as a “glass ceiling”, that we all have an equal chance to grow. I came back home and I already knew - that was it. The products were not only Polish, but they were also based on solid scientific grounds. That’s how my personal growth with MLM has started. It wasn’t an easy path, it took mistakes and problems for me to learn this business which is based on completely different values and goals than a classic 8-5 job.

That’s why I experienced moments of crisis, first failures, but then, with time, also successes.
Today I know one thing: it’s worth learning, experiencing, and not giving up.
What am I grateful for? Too many things, but first and foremost for the fact that my business path has been awarded with travel prizes, auto programme, and passive income. And the joy that comes from being appreciated for your work is simply incredible. Definitely worth the experience.
But there is one more thing, something most important that has a special place in my heart. It’s the people that I’ve met here, who became my inspiration, lesson, experience. The people whom I’ve been watching for years and quietly delighted with their successes. But there are also those, whom I’ve connected to not only with the business ties but also with friendship, understanding, mutual attention, and help. And that in life is priceless.

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Zdeněk Ulrych

Director WellU

In 2013, we started working with the company, still under the name Collagen Beauty. At the beginning of the creation and emergence of individual products, we have seen how great the future quality potential of this company is. We have gradually switched from home products to working with products from the professional line. Step by step, we also created a structure of collaborators. Thanks to new high-quality dietary supplements, we started a healthy lifestyle. We have experienced many beautiful moments, fun and holidays with WellU, and the autoprogram developed and implemented by the company is a hanging on the cake. WellU for us is meetings with people, fun and business with perspective.

Jolanta Fedak

Director WellU

My story with WellU started... I can no longer remember when and lasts to this day. Why WellU? Because it's not just the beauty of the outdoors. It's also what's deeper. It is the hearts of people who create this climate and environment, which is difficult to find elsewhere. We are for them, and They are for us. Wonderful places, unforgettable moments, luxury cars, with WellU all this is possible. And friendships that stay with us forever.

Beata Reszko

Vice Director WellU

Why WellU? Ever since I remember, I always valued the quality over a profitable “fudge” 😉 The first time that I came in touch with the company resulted in the flash of excitement that transformed into a forever-lasting twinkle in the eye and a spark for action. I am lucky because I can call what I do enthusiasm and passion, not a duty. And the people who form the WellU structure - a Big Family. I am happy that fate has directed my life in such a way and that thanks to you and the amazing products I can continue to discover and learn new possibilities. The WellU career invariably associates with a smile on the faces of happy customers, whom we gift with health and beauty in the purest of forms. And that’s beautiful!

Katarzyna Kołomańska

Vice Director WellU

For over ten years I have been fond of collagen-based cosmetics. I have started using them when I was 30 even though back then I thought that I didn’t even need them 🙂 I registered in WellU to have constant access to products with discounts. I never thought of myself as a brilliant salesperson, but WellU products practically sell and recommend themselves. Now that I am working with wonderful people, forming a real “Dream Team”, I was promoted to WellU Vice Director, went to Kenya for holiday and I keep on making my dreams come true. I know that you can do a lot when your team consists of people with whom you share passion and trust. And it all started so ordinarily. When I was 35 years old, I had knee surgery and thanks to the Nutrivi collagen diet supplements I quickly got back in shape and my knee healed so quickly that the physiotherapist that I was working with, became interested in those products and started collaboration with me. As for me, while I was recommending the products, I was also building my network of WellU Busiesspartners. In a way, the process was happening and spinning on its own...

After a year since my injury, I was able to return to my passion, which is road-cycling, even though earlier I was afraid that it would no longer be possible, as I was even facing the possible necessity of knee replacement for the endoprosthesis. When I was 40, I had a spine injury, accompanied by partial paralysis and complicated damage of spinal disk, and I ended up having surgery. Of course, throughout the process, I was using the Nutrivi supplementation: Revicoll Omega Plus, Vitamin C+, and peptide drinks. A doctor’s and physiotherapist’s expertise, combined with supplements enabled me to get back on a bike, unfortunately only a city one. At the age of 43, thanks to an amazing group of people, who trusted me, I achieved the rank of WellU Vice Director. I love people, I like working with them and support in reaching for goals. I think that it’s easier to climb the dream heights when you are together with great people who share a passion.

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Elizabeth Sobon

Vice Director WellU

I got to know the Larens brand 5 years ago when I was searching for an “eco” and “bio” kind of brand that would support me in my endeavours to stop the signs of the passing time on my face. Because of sensitive skin, I am a rather picky person and it is difficult to satisfy my expectations as far as the skincare is concerned. And this brand has truly delighted me. For over ten years I had been working in international corporations, managing people and projects. I’m familiar with the PR actions and have many successful projects in this field in my portfolio. In the construction business, I had been working with the projects of skyscrapers, shopping malls in different parts of the world. Since 2006 I am affiliated with London and I divide my life between Great Britain and Poland.

2 years ago after having an honest conversation with myself and having analyzed the facts regarding the automatization of many business sectors within the following years, I have decided that what has been so close to me since childhood, namely cosmetology, can become my new career. To pursue that I have started yet another, fourth degree and I obtained cosmetology qualifications in the UK and Polish markets. I am currently collaborating with a Beauty brand in the field of marketing, sales, customer service, promotion, and loyalty programmes across entire Europe. Numerous training, as well as the business input into the WellU company, have resulted in the role of the Larens Professional trainer.

I have completely turned my professional life around after 40. I have a new career, I’m fulfilling myself as an entrepreneur and as a person, passing on the obtained knowledge in a new, Beauty sector.

As a “Secret of Women Beauty Naturally” I am advising beauty parlours and SPA how to holistically manage a “relax spot”. I am implementing the Larens brand into salons. I am passionate about the Japanese lifestyle – I practice rejuvenating massages, IKIGAI – the art of minimalism, and slow jogging – Japanese running with a smile – a path to longevity. I never stop learning and visiting the world.
Combining a few functions as an entrepreneur, I do what I love

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