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The stable rank of Leader+ (10/13) is the moment when you can firmly get hold of the steering wheel of your business and discover the highway of possibilities.

What have we got for you? The most free style city car with 137 HP engine. Feisty and spicy, full of retro flavours, in one of four cheerful colours. The experts say that the Mini is satiated with emotions and provides much more of these compared to the competitors in the market segment. The Mini has been created to give pleasure, therefore we selected it for the first stage of our car program.

You collect from us an insured and fully fueled car, ready to drive, with the service of tires and Door-to-door service that eliminates the need to go to the service station. The car is equipped with air-conditioning so it will perfectly perform even on the hot, Italian roads.

In the Mini keyless access is available, so the only thing you have to do is to press start. Start your business in style! Fully enjoy it as in a year you will get a new one.


When you become a Director 20/26 you will move up to the flagship BMW model. Cars look better when the sun shines, but the car always looks great, even in the garage. The classic silhouette does not leave any doubts as to what make the car is. It is in a class of its own! The many time award winning BMW model is the best-selling car among the luxurious makes in Europe.

A 184 HP petrol engine will give you fun when driving, and the M package, comfortable seats, good sound system and dual zone air conditioning will sweeten your and your passengers travel.

As the WellU Director you already have a large team. Therefore, we give you a car that will immediately move you around; perfect for long distances.


As a Vice President (20/26) you will need a car that will drive you everywhere – regardless of the weather conditions and quality of the road.

We selected a cross over for you, which combines solidity with the athletic power of a sports car. BMW X4 just like you, will take up with pleasure every challenge that will stand in its way. A 2 liter, 190 HP engine will ensure perfect driving dynamics.

This is a comfortable roomy car, ideal for a longer business trip. You will have enough room in the boot for the display stands, stands and displays, advertising materials and large luggage. You will pack for the fairs, recruitment actions, training, presentations and will arrive there on time, no matter where they take place.


We know that as President of WellU 20/26 you take up challenges every day, so we want you to feel comfortable and safe as much as possible. It’s time to move into a limousine for every road, which is hard to miss. Get with us into the new BMW X6!

It is an eye-catching car. The sporty silhouette of the car stands out with a provocative independence. 4 wheel drive, versatility, lavish accessories are not the only advantages of this intelligent beast. The car is one of the safest cars within the premium class. The newest generation of BMW power assisted steering will ensure that you not only arrive comfortably to your destination but also safely.

As soon as the impressive 22-inch wheels are set in motion, it would be impossible to keep a calm heartbeat. You won’t get bored with the car; you will be discovering each other for a long time. Hurry up because we guarantee an exchange already after a year.


As the International President 20/26 you have proven to us that there are no limits for you. Now it’s time for us to show you what no limits really means. 

You can choose any BMW model. Demonstrate that individualism is your second name! If you want to travel by BMWX7 and ensure the highest prestige and larger space for presence, we will make your dreams come true. Maybe you prefer off-road cars? Choose a dynamic SUV, perfectly moving on the asphalt roads. Or maybe you have a pinch of sport in your character?

Anyway …. at this stage you know very well what you want. The only thing you have to do is choose the car inspired by your wishes.

Remember – plan your choice in advance, because already after a year we exchange your car for a new one!


Thanks to our self-program, WellU Business Partners can drive cars paid for by WellU. The program is unique – extremely easily accessible and free from common traps.


Cars are replaced with completely NEW after a year of use. Door-to-Door support.


You can use a car, paid by company as soon as with a Leader+ stable paid rank.


You do not need to show creditworthiness. No leasing or financial contracts on your side, no need to prove your credit capacity.


You do not need to show creditworthiness. There is no need to enter into any leasing or credit agreements on your own behalf.


You can change a higher brand or model as soon as you qualify to the next level.


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